Pablo (king_cool_paul) wrote,

Another Reality Check

We sat on the front porch with the light off. I had my feet up on the railing, and the Muse had hers curled underneath her in her chair.

"You should finish writing about the trip," she said.

"Not tonight. I've got another couple of hours of birthday left, and honestly I'm not in the mood to write about it right now. I'll pick up the thread again tomorrow. Not writing is my birthday present to myself."

"That's sort of a lame present," she said.

"It was sort of a lame birthday."

"Hey, I bought you strawberry soda. What more could a boy want?"

"For everyone I love to live right across the street," I said.

She looked at the house across from us. "I think they'd be a little cramped. There can't be more than four bedrooms in that one."

"Be funny tomorrow. Tonight, let's just drink."

"Going to take a lot of soda to get a buzz."

"I'm willing to work at it," I said.

"You always are."

Tags: muse
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