Pablo (king_cool_paul) wrote,

Sleep is for the Weak

"There comes a point," the Muse said, "where you really do have to go to sleep."

I shifted on the sofa, and my leg, which was propped on the coffee table, kicked a magazine to the floor. I didn't move to retrieve it. "I don't want to sleep. It's only three in the morning. I can stay awake a little longer."

She scooted off the chaise and snatched up the fallen magazine, returning it to the tabletop. "Do I have to kick your ass? Do I? You know you're going to be a waste tomorrow if you don't get at least a little pre-dawn snoozing."

I grumbled at her. "Don't use logic on me at three in the morning. Three isn't the time for logic. It's the time for obstinance."

She reached up under the lamp shade and turned off the light, putting us in a soft blue glow from the computer speakers. "I am going to bed," she said. "You can either come with me or sit out here in the dark."

"I'll just turn the light on again."

She pulled her shirt off over her head, leaving her standing in her bra. She used the shirt like an oven mitt over her hand, and unscrewed the bulb. "Don't stub your toe on the way to the bedroom."

"You suck, Muse."

"Part of my charm," she said, and moved with a tightrope walker's balance through the furniture and into the bedroom.

I of course stubbed my toe on the coffee table on my way after her.

Tags: muse
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