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Jess met me in front of my apartment late this morning, nearly eleven. Her timing was excellent, pulling up in front of the snowed-in driveway just as I was locking my door. It's awfully, awfully cold here these days, especially with the wind tearing through you like knives, so not having to wait for her at the curb was a nice bonus.

She and Her Man are moving into a new apartment over the next few days, as I might have said at some point or another, and I, sucker that I am, volunteered to help her with emptying their storage unit. Yes, I am in point of fact "that" friend, the one who will help you move without threats of violence against my person. I'm sure it will all come back to me in the next life. Actually, it might come back to me sooner, if I end up buying this house. Jess owes me twice over now, moving her out of her last place, and now once again. Oh, the karma I'm building up! Where will I put it all?

Her Man was in class this afternoon, so it was just the two of us moving boxes and loose items. There wasn't much time for moving today, not with my help at any rate, since I had to be at work by two, but we did get a couple of loads through before I had to rush off. That was definitely plenty, I would say. The cold was biting, and I couldn't feel my ears or fingers once we were finished loading and unloading her truck. Nice to do something productive with the day, though, even with the frostbite. Much better than sitting around home waiting for my work-day to begin.

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