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No, Really. Seriously.

MySpace is the ugliest, most irritating site on the internet, as far as I'm concerned. I don't mean to offend anyone who just adores it and all, but really: blinking adverts, awful design, this ridiculous drive to gather as many friends as possible, the retina searing color schemes against bright neon colored backgrounds that people insist upon using.


Yes, I'm an antisocial fucker. I don't deny this, and it probably plays into my hatred of all things MySpace, although I'm not sure if a wild drive to garner as many "friends" as possible counts as anything actually social.

I'm also rotten because generally speaking, the more popular something is, the more I dislike it. And seeing as MySpace is sort of the most popular thing on the internet (why? Why? WHY?), there's another black mark against it in my book.

Don't mind me. This is just my semi-regular rant against the insidious horror that is MySpace. I'll get over it, at least until the next time I accidentally end up on a MySpace user page, have my eyes burned out from the horrible blinking "Girls With Big Tits Want Your Sex" advertisements and my heart explodes because I forgot to turn off the volume on the speakers before whatever embedded shit that all the seventeen year olds these days are listening to blasts out at me at a volume level of eleven.

Having said that, I'd still vote for MySpace for president instead of George Bush any day.

But it would be a close vote.

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