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To Further Illustrate the Point

Here's an email that T. Lamb forwarded me today from one of the college kids in the course she is a T.A. for:

Dear Madam,
I am sorry to inform you on the last minute, but I have diarrhea as of
this moment and I am really not in condition to sit in the class. I ate
some food in the afternoon, which made my stomach go upset. Initially I
thought I might be able to control it, but its not getting any better
the moment.
I have not missed a class yet, and I hate to lose out the points of QIM
cards too. So is there a way I can hand in the QIM card for todays
Again I am very sorry to inform you on the last minute, but I was
waiting to see fi I get better, but unfortunately there was no
improvement in my condition.
Please let me know if there any thing else I can do.

A future congressman, I'm sure.
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