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Something stolen from thena.


best friends: Oh, made a new best friend this year, but I didn't replace any of the old ones, so none of you worry about that ;)
lost any friends: Regained one, and lost one. So I guess I've come out even this year.
gained any friends: A couple, includingeeblet, thena and a few others on Livejournal (and you know who you are, people!) as well as in the Real World.

went out of the country: Oh, Canada a few times, but that was it for me.
moved: Not this year, but hopefully the next.
how many times on an airplane: Two, unless you count layovers and plane switching, in which case it was five. And they all really sucked. I hate flying with a deep and dark passion.

have you changed: Hopefully.
new look: Same of the old look. For the moment, anyway.
most depressed time this year: I haven't really had one overall that I can remember. Is that a good thing?
best time this year: All year. I'm a bastard, I know.

did you get heartbroken: Nope.
who was your summer love: T. Lamb, sweet gal that she is.

favorite Season: Fall. I like the cool temperatures. Sue me, you summer fans.
least favorite: Summer. I'm not a boy who likes the heat.
good birthday?: Eh. Maybe next year.
any snow this YEAR: Oh, in October, yes. Maybe you've seen my photos:

got arrested: No.
kissed a boy: My friend Ron, on the forehead. Does that count?
had a crush: Oh, I always have a crush or two going on. Sometimes it's not even with a celebrity! ;)
got dumped: No.
lost a family member: No.
got bad grades: No school for me, peoples! Woohoo!
got a myspace: Yes, but I don't actually use it for anything at all. I had to get one in order to message my brother, who has one, after I'd lost his email. Personally, I think myspace is about the ugliest collection of pages in the known internet universe.
told a secret: Told people mysecrets, but I don't divulge anyone else's.
done something you totally regret: Every year, yep.

In 2006 I...

[] broke a promise - Not yet. But there's still time!
[x] made a new best friend - A couple, like I said.
[] fallen out of love - Nah.
[x] lied - You have to do that sometimes in order to get the TV people to get their shit together.
[] went behind your parents back - Oh my no. I don't even see them!
[] cried over a broken heart - Boys don't cry. Or some shit like that.
[x] disappointed someone close - I'm positive on that one.
[x] hid a secret - Always do. Secrets are secrets for a reason.
[x] pretended to be happy - Yeah, I'm sure of that one, too.
[ ] kissed in the rain - Nope.
[ ] slept under the stars - Nah.
[ ] kept your new years resolution - I'm smart enough about myself to not make any.
[] forgot your new years resolution - See above.
[x] met someone who changed my life - Oh yes--T. Lamb again.
[] met one of your idols - Nope... but I don't have too many idols, so I'm not really worried about this one.
[x] changed your outlook on life - Yes.
[x] sat home all day doing nothing - Only in the past couple of months.
[] pretended to be sick - Nope again.
[x] left the country - Canada, land of the... well, of the Canadians.
[ ] almost died - Not that I know of!
[ ] given up something important to you - No.
[] lost something expensive - No again.
[x] learned something new about yourself - Every day, it feels like.
[x] tried something you normally wouldnt try and liked it - yeah, I'd say so.
[x] made a change in your life - Lots of changes. On and on...
[x] found out who your true friends were - Yes indeed.
[x] met great people - Yeah. Could always meet more, however!
[x] stayed up til sunrise - Jesus, almost every day.
[x] pigged out over the summer - And the spring, fall and winter, too.
[] cried over the silliest thing - Nope.
[x ] was never home on weekends - I'm usually home weekends, unless I have to work.
[ ] got into a car accident - Not me, but T. Lamb did, although it was just a 2 mph bump with no damage to anything. Scared the poop out of her, though.
[] had friends who were drifting away from you - Some friends drift, some friends float back... we all come back together eventually.
[ ] had someone close to me die - That was last year. This one, I'm clear so far.
[x] had a high phone bill - Any bill at all seems high to me, but maybe that's because I average about 1 call a month. I'm just an antisocial bastard ;)
[ ] wasted most of my money on drugs - Antibiotics, maybe?
[ ] had a fist fight - Oh my no.
[x ] went to the beach - Yes, on my trip back to San Francisco. I miss home sometimes...
[x] saw a celebrity - Well, Robbie Goo from the Goo Goo Dolls comes to work every once in a while, but I don't know if he's really a celebrity or not... and Wolf Blitzer. And the guy in The Godfather that Sonny kicks the shit out of and hits with a garbage can. Probably some other ones, but I can't remember them. The brain, she's not as good as she used to be ;)
[x] gotten sick - Threw my back out and was down for the count for a week or so. Does that count?
[ x] liked more than 5 people at the same time - Like like, or just like?
[x ] became closer to a lot of people - Yes, definitely. Don't you all feel closer to me? ;)

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