Pablo (king_cool_paul) wrote,

Hey, Mac Users


I finally upgraded to iTunes 7, because my scroll bar in the music store wasn't working anymore, no matter how many times I rebooted the machine. I figured it was a nice way of Apple making me upgrade, by disabling my scroll bar.

I hate upgrading.

And so, iTunes 7 is installed, and so far so good... until I try to transfer some podcasts to my iPod. The podcasts are on the iPod, I can access them when the iPod isn't connected to the computer, but I can't access them from inside iTunes itself. Which means, for those of you following along at home, that I can't delete them from the iPod.


Now, since I am an idiot, I didn't backup iTunes 6 before I installed 7, so the most recent version I've got is 4, which I have re-installed so as to be able to get podcasts off the iPod... but I've also got 7 as well now, because 4 won't let me access the music store, so I can't update my podcasts without 7.


Does anyone know of a safe place to re-download version 6? Apple doesn't seem to have it at their site anymore, and I don't want to get it from just anywhere online... who knows what might have been added to the original files?

I hate upgrading.

Did I mention that?

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