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Two things before I either fall asleep or get to answering those questions I owe some of you.

1) Robert Culp was at the station yesterday--some of you might remember him from The Greatest American Hero, others from I Spy. At any rate, he seemed cordial and nice enough, which is always a pleasant surprise when someone with any amount of fame comes around. It's always nice when someone you've grown up watching doesn't turn out to be a dick.

2) Picked up David Gilmour's last album, On An Island, from the library the other day, and can I just say that I can't understand how someone who can have such fantastic guitar work over thirty some-odd-years can write such deadly dull and tedious music now? Okay, really, Gilmour was never much of a lyricist (that's Roger Waters's department, after all), but dude: big suckage there.

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