February 20th, 2004

Bill Hicks

General Slack

The Muse walked by the window of the Chinese restaurant in which I was eating. She saw me before I saw her and tapped on the glass, catching my attention. I smiled and waved her in.

"Hey," she said. She took a seat across the table from me. "What's up?"

"Nada. The handyman is showing the house today to some potential buyers, so I wanted to be out of the place before they got there." The old Victorian that our apartment is in is up for sale, and has been for over six months now. I understand it to be severely overpriced, which is why there are few interested parties coming by to check it out. There have only been four showings so far. I prefer not to be at home when they are wandering around giving the once-over to the place. It's rather unsettling to have your living space eyeballed when you're actually there. It makes me feel like I'm an exhibit in a well-furnished, electronics-stocked dimly-lit zoo.
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