July 9th, 2005


Petty Muse

"Yeah," the Muse said. "I might have chased a couple women around. All it ever got me was down."

"What are you doing, using Tom Petty lyrics as your life story?"

"Don't let it kill you, baby."

"Knock it off, Muse. I'm moody enough as it is without you helping matters."

"Take it to the heart. The waiting is the hardest part."

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    Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
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Charlotte Again

"Disaster doesn't bring people together," the Muse said, poking the fire with a stick. "It brings the selfishness out in them."

"Stop taking her calls," I said. "She's bad for you."

"Meh," the Muse said. Her stick began to smolder.

"Want to talk about it?"


"Just want to mope?"


I sighed and tossed a twig into the fire. "You're getting more like me every day, Muse."

"I have a better ass, though," she said.

"No argument there."

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    The Tragically Hip - Ahead By A Century
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