October 19th, 2006


Why I Don't Get Invited to More Parties

Don't forget to get out there in November and vote! Call your congressman or woman and tell them where you stand on gay marriage and illegal wiretapping and net neutrality and media conglomerates and all the other issues that you hold near and dear to your hearts and then kiss them all goodbye, because the day where anybody in a position of power gave a shit what any of the citizens of this country thinks is important is long gone, buddy, and you should just be glad that you don't end up in a gulag someplace booking flight reservations in a prison work-for-hire scheme that'll net some corporate fuck a nice big fat pocketful of money while you try to avoid having a shiv slipped between your ribs because you didn't move fast enough when some neo-Nazi with a swastika carved into his forehead pushed his way ahead of you in the chow line because schnitzel was on the menu and he wanted his plate loaded first.

Have a nice day.
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