November 19th, 2006

Alan Rickman

And So...

I was poking around Amazon, looking for some Christmas gift ideas, when I stumbed across this review for The Cannonball Run:

Wow,is the world so starved for chase movies that is mindless junk is sen as a great movie. if you like chase or race movies get "cannonball" or "the gumball rally" instead. this is just one long mug at the camera by burt and friends with the one scene that is in every burt movie where he gets dramitac for a second and tells the reason he is like he is.(it was used to good effect in the longest yard,was ok in smokey and the bandit,and reached it's worst in this movie and stroker ace)
burt moans all the time in interviews that he's not taken serious as an actor,well movies like this is the reason why,he doesn't act he just mugs for the camera and smiles,it takes more than that to be thought of as a great actor.

Another fine product of the American educational system.
Bailey and Johnny

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Note to everyone who keeps writing about the new Harry Potter movie: I finally looked up the title of the book it's based on, so I know what the hell you're all talking about when you refer to it as OOTP.

I've yet to read a single Potter book.

Yes, I know, you're all certain that I'm going to hell because of it.
Bang Your Head

And While We're On Trivial Subjects

Want to know why I hate Desperate Housewives?

It's that irritating voice over.

That... slow... grating... condescending... smirking... voice... over.

Sunday nights are the nights that I clean house, because then I don't have to sit in the living room while T. Lamb is watching that awful, awful program.

And so: to the kitchen!