December 19th, 2006


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Lifted from crowleycrow, regarding the use of touchpads on laptops:

How (for instance) am I to hold down the left "mouse" button with my thumb and push the cursor along with my forefinger? It seems the equivalent of those Armless Wonders who lit their cigarettes or drank tea with their feet. That is they lifted the cups to their lips with the foot; the tea was drunk by the usual organs.

Obviously you should go read his journal, yes?

Especially you, onceupon!
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Gas Mask

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I was tempted to write a journal entry mirroring the style of Mark Z. Danielewski's new book, with upside-down and skewed text of many different colors and font types and sizes. Then I realized that was the reason I picked his book up at the library and put it right down after about forty-five seconds of manipulation and Chinese acrobat arm bendings.

I don't want to read a book that's printed like an Escher painting. House of Leaves worked because it was an interesting (if overlong) narrative that was mildly interrupted by bizarre and sometimes irritating text layouts and endless footnotes (the footnotes being okay by me, since they were essentially a second story running concurrently with the "main" story), but really: there's a point where design blurs into illegibility, buddy, and I do believe this time you crashed head-on into that wall.


Let's all move on.
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