July 6th, 2007

Bang Your Head

Um, Yeah...

Dear bobrob410 from flickr.com,

While I appreciate your adding me as a "friend" (even though I have no idea who you are), I'm not really interested in seeing photos of your huge erect cock when I click on your photo pool to see what you've got in there.

Forgive me for blocking you, but honestly, that's just not quite what I needed popping up after a long day at work.

Hope your 161 other "friends" enjoy the show more than I did.


Daniel Lanois

Look At Me Go!

So I had myself a little iTunes shopping freakout tonight, which isn't really like me. Even more odd, everything I bought turns out to be from Canadian artists. What's up with that, I ask you?

F&M - Let Every Light Shine
Lynn Miles - Live At the Chapel
Daniel Lanois
Kathleen Edwards
Shawn Brush

Guess I'm pining for the Great White North, eh?
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    F&M - Amsterdam
Dalai Lama

(no subject)

Happy birthday to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who turns 72 today.

Go, baby, go!
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    David Bowie - Life On Mars? [Live]