Pablo (king_cool_paul) wrote,

And So...

You know, I've always liked Macs, and I shall continue to like them, but sometimes Apple pisses me off.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a new iPod, mostly so I can have more space than the 15gig iPod I'm currently using, but also so I can cram a ton of my photos onto it to carry around with me, specifically those of my kid.

Now my problem is this: if I read the system requirements correctly, in order for me to put photos onto a new iPod, I've got to have iPhoto 4.0 or higher installed on my computer. Well, I've got an ooooold G3, and it's got iPhoto 2.2. Which means that I'd need to get a copy of iPhoto 4.0 or higher before I could, obviously, put photos on the new iPod. iPhoto 4, however, is long since gone, and the current version is 6.0. Which requires a minimum G4 processor. Which I don't have.

So in order to get photos of my kid in an iPod, I'd have to first buy a new iPod, then buy a new Mac, and pick up a copy of iLife (wherein resides iPhoto 6).

All this because wallets no longer come with those little plastic photo inserts.

And so I will go on not carrying photos of my kid, because--*ahem*--fuck dat shit.

Edit: Oh, and P.S.--what's with iPods not using Firewire anymore? Do I really want to upload music to it at the screaming speeds of a USB 1.1 port?

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