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So the weird thing... this 4.7 earthquake that hit here in Reno last night? That, as all of the news agencies are reporting (and by reporting, I mean mostly just copying from the A.P., since it's basically verbatim the same story over and over again) knocked mayonnaise, ketchup and bottles off store shelves, that caused a rock slide that damaged a water flume built in the 1800s... yeah, I never felt it. Not at all. Apparently, I was driving around and got home just after the quake hit, so I never noticed anything out of the usual. They did three hours of live coverage at my job, even though the quake hit at about 11:40 at night, but being me, I never turned on my television, so I had no idea anything had gone down.


So anyway, now the fear-mongers in the news are letting us all know that we should expect a bigger, more wicked quake to hit at any time (because this series of quakes is going the reverse of the usual pattern, in that it started with small quakes at the end of February and the quakes have been getting stronger instead of weaker as they come, which is the usual reaction of the media whenever anything like this happens. Of course, there always could be a bigger quake come along, because hey! I'm in earthquake country again, so you never really do know what's going to shake down (heh), but I promise to let you all know that I'm still alive once that happens.

I'm just good like that.

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