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Of Hats and Minds

"You know," Mix Master Mike said, "I spend too much time flirting with the girls here." This was said in my presence, not really at me, although he was looking my way. Mostly, the comment was directed towards the woman sitting next to me, Flora, one of our coworkers. Flora is cursed with the wicked combination of incredible beauty, sparking wit, an endless supply of pop culture knowledge, excellent musical tastes, and in case I didn't mention it, incredible beauty. Did I also mention that she's wicked, wicked hot?

"Do you," I said, purposely not looking at Flora. I've a fair hand at the flirting game myself, but I don't enjoy being the third leg of the triangle when it's going down around me. One on one flirting is endlessly exciting, but flirting in a group is just a little bit disturbing to me.

M.M. Mike turned his ball cap around forwards on his head and flipped the brim up. "I look like an idiot when I do this," he said, this time to Flora.

I looked back down at my laptop and found something to fiddle with on the desktop. "You look like a Bowery Boy. Leo Gorcey or something."

Flora giggled, and M.M. Mike frowned. "Leo who?"

"Gorcey," I said. "You know... the Bowery Boys? Movies? Black and white?" I got a blank stare from M.M. Mike. "Forget it. It was before your time." I silently added that it was before my time too, but that I still knew who the Bowery Boys were.

"I used to watch those when I was a kid," Flora said. "They were on Saturday afternoons sometimes."

"Wow," M.M. Mike said. "You must be older than you look."

"I'm 24," she said icily. And wicked hot, I added in my head.

"Huh," M.M. Mike said. "I'm 26. I've got a couple of years on you, baby girl."

"It's obviously done you a lot of good," she said to him. Turning to me, she asked, "Was he the one on Sgt. Pepper?"

My heart skipped a beat as the pretty, smart girl asked me a pretty, smart question. "Well, he was originally, but he didn't make the final cut."

"I thought he was on there," Flora said.

I shook my head. "No, he got airbrushed out of the cover after he asked for a royalty fee to use his likeness, or something like that. There's a dead spot up top where he was. The other Bowery Boy is still there though. The one with the Jughead cap."

"Huntz Hall," she said.

I pointed my finger at her to add emphasis to my, "Yes! I'd forgotten his name. Gorcey is the only one I can keep in my head."

"Who's Jughead?" M.M. Mike piped in, trying to stay in the game.

"I'm kind of thinking you are, honey," Flora told him, and then put her hand on my knee.

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