Pablo (king_cool_paul) wrote,

Irritants, Major and Minor (The Blipvert Version)

Minor Irritant of the Evening (Content Has Been Edited for Time and to Fit Your Screen)

Knock knock. Muse opens door. I come in. Muse sits on sofa, types on laptop. I sit beside her. Muse's feet in my lap. I rub them. Muse not very attentive or talkative, chats on laptop. I pretend not to mind, since she asked me to come over and is mostly now ignoring me. Fifteen minutes later, I get up to leave. Muse, sensing I'm put out, gives me a big hug. "Thanks for coming over." "Of course. Call me tomorrow, we'll do lunch." I leave, come home, and am irritated.

Major Irritant of the Day and Previous Evening (Edited Solely Because it's Too Irritating to Talk About)

My laptop at 2am last night: kersphizzit. Dead logic board, the fourth such blowout in two years. Apple Genius tells me to call Apple Care and demand a new laptop. "Duh," I respond. Current posts written on six year old, crash-prone desktop. I am irritated.

The End

Afterward: Everyone I know and love, and I do mean everyone, is depressed tonight (including, oddly, myself). What gives? And what can we do about it?

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