Pablo (king_cool_paul) wrote,

Random "Live Journal is Dead" postings...

"I think I'm going to move to Bombay," the Muse said. "I want to be a Bollywood star."

"What brought this decision on," I asked.

"I saw something on TV last night about it. Those movies look like they have just about everything in them that I like: random song and dance segments, beautiful people in gorgeous costumes, and everyone gets a happy ending."

"You don't speak the language."

"I can dance and I look good is brightly-colored silk. What more is there?"


She pinched me on the arm. "Killjoy."


"So just exactly how much do you masturbate?" the Muse asked.

"We are so not having this conversation," I said.



"Take a load off, Fanny," I told her, and patted the sofa where I sat.

"Are you saying I'm fat?" she asked me.

"I wasn't, actually," I said. "But now I'm saying you're a pain in the

"So my ass is fat."

"No, love, but your head certainly is."

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