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California: Day Five


Quite tired, but a quick update.

Woke up. Drove. Gathered the brother. Drove. Met the father. Ate lunch. Drove. Explored Empire Mine near brother's apartment (hundred and fifty year old gold mine, no longer in use... 350 miles of tunnels, all now under water). Drove. Saw house where a member of Supertramp lives. Drove. Dropped brother off. Drove. Had burrito from a place called Paco's Tacos. Drove. Returned to grandmother's house. Fell asleep. Woke again. Drove. Returned to grandfather's grave alone and at 11 at night. Drove. Came home. Wrote this to you. And in a moment... going to sleep again.

The flight out of town leaves in the morning, Muse, and I'll be home before it becomes Friday morning. Just a fair warning to clean up whatever mess you've made of my house. I'm such a snob that way.

Now, off to bed. See you tomorrow, Muse. Be good.

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