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"Holy Christ," the Muse said. "You've got to turn the lights back on in here." She was huddled on the floor next to me, her back against the sofa.

"Can't do it," I said, reloading my shotgun. "If I get up from the floor, something is bound to take my head off."

She put her hand on my arm. "Please. I'm freaking out here."

"Now, look, Muse..." I hushed as a low bestial growl whispered from the darkness.

The Muse shivered. "Shit... what was that?"

I shook my head. "I don't know. It sounded big, though... and hungry." There was a sudden crash, and something moved just beyond the light, something we could almost see. "It's playing with us."

"I can't take much more of this," the Muse said.

"Don't move. If you move, it'll see you."

"Seriously. I've got to do something."

"Muse..." I held the shotgun up in front of me. "Don't go crazy on me."

"It's going to eat us," she said.

"Not if we get it first."

The monster screamed then, its unholy voice echoing through the room, and it came at us, arms flailing, talons ripping through the air. "Holy shit!" I yelled, and pumped shell after shell towards the thing, missing as much as I hit it, tearing chunks of flesh from its body but not slowing its advance at all.

"That's all I can take!" the Muse shouted, and stabbed her finger into the pause button on her controller. The monster froze in mid-attack, half in the light, half in the dark, its hungry maw poised in mid-bite. "That's the last time I play Doom with you in the dark. I'm about ready to pee myself!"

"I'm not going to sleep for a week. Stay here tonight, Muse. Keep me company."

"Only if we sleep down here. I'm not going upstairs in the dark to turn a light on," she said.

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