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Holy Zombie Christ

"And what have we learned, six hours into the debacle?" the Muse asked.

"We learned that when trying to update my operating system," I said, "something will always go wrong, requiring me to reinstall the old OS, delete everything the new install tried to add, and then figure out how to download a 100MB update to the old system over a dial-up line, so that I can run all of the software that I use on a daily basis, including LJ clients, the new iTunes, and, oh, just about everything else that I have on the computer."

"What else have we learned?" she continued.

"That I should never try to update my OS ever, ever again. How silly of me to think that the brand new Mac OS would run on a two year old laptop. Silly me. I forgot that I need to spend $2000 every time I want to get some new software."

The Muse nodded. "Good boy. Now you remember. Even Apple doesn't care about doing anything more than making you buy newer and newer toys."

"Capitalism at its best."

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