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Detachable Karma

All This Wandering

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Trying to figure my way through this thing called "life" as best as can be, without damaging too many other people in the process.

I have a Muse. She's feisty, likes to hit me, and has a fairly nice rear end. She has also instructed me to put her email address here: sleepymuse (at) gmail.com.

I work for a living in the morally questionable world of broadcast news.

I don't name names.

80s music, adult swim, afghan whigs, aimee mann, alternative music, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, beatles, ben folds, benicio del toro, big lebowski, bill hicks, bjork, black and white photography, blade runner, brazil, bruce campbell, buddha, buddhism, calvin and hobbes, cemetaries, clerks, clive barker, coen brothers, cracker, daniel lanois, david bowie, david cronenberg, david sedaris, decaying buildings, denis leary, devil doll, douglas adams, eddie izzard, elton john, elvis costello, evil dead, family guy, fawlty towers, flcl, frank black, futurama, gabriel byrne, gene wilder, glen phillips, grant lee buffalo, grant lee phillips, henry rollins, high fidelity, history, home movies, horror, hunter s. thompson, incorrect music, indie bands, jack black, jim jarmusch, joel hodgson, john lennon, john waters, johnny cash, josh joplin, josh joplin group, jude law, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kids in the hall, led zeppelin, macintosh, malcolm mcdowell, michael o'donoghue, modern music, monty python, morrissey, mr. show, mst3k, my own private idaho, mystery science theater 3000, naked lunch, nebulous_blue, neil young, nightmare before christmas, nikon, norm macdonald, peter gabriel, philip k. dick, photography, pink floyd, pixies, pooh, poppy z. brite, pro choice, punk, r.e.m., radiohead, reading, record collecting, rem, richard brautigan, robbie robertson, robert mitchum, rollins band, royal tenenbaums, rufus wainwright, sam raimi, sarcasm, scrubs, sealab 2021, simpsons, sinead lohan, slack, smart people, soul asylum, stanley kubrick, stephen wright, steve carell, strangers in paradise, taxi driver, tenacious d, terry gilliam, thai, the beatles, the big lebowski, the daily show, the dandy warhols, the eagles, the good, the hudsucker proxy, the muppets, the onion, the pixies, the pogues, the simpsons, the smiths, the usual suspects, the white stripes, they might be giants, toad the wet sprocket, tom waits, used bookstores, waiting for guffman, wallace and gromit, william h. macy, world party, writing, zorak